LEADERSHIP Intensive (September 2019)


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Every leader has areas in his or her life they want to improve. Whether that’s in your mindset, relationships, or personal character, research proves what the Bible explains: growth in all key areas of life happens best when we combine new information with new experiences. The Leadership Intensive combines quality teaching and interaction with trained facilitators to help personalize what you learn and directly apply that information to your life and character, helping to further your growth as a leader at home, at work and within every sphere of influence.

Why do leaders need an intensive experience?

For real life change to happen, you must do more than simply read a book. Effective life growth involves interacting with others about the realities of a person’s life. Leaders can easily get stuck in a rut of doing what’s comfortable and familiar. When that happens, his or her leadership becomes stagnant. Through the intensive experience, leaders are challenged to embrace the realities of their life so they can deal with—and get past—professional, personal, and interpersonal issues.

Objectives of the Leadership Intensives

Each Leadership Intensive is structured to help you grow your leadership competencies and your personal character. Join Terry Porter and Grant Porteous in an upcoming Leadership Intensive and be prepared to:

  • Come away transformed.
  • Learn tools to make even more effective decisions as a leader.
  • Develop insights you can apply right away.
  • Learn how to identify and change limiting beliefs in every area of your life.
  • Face and resolve personal issues that are holding you back in your effectiveness as a leader.
  • Learn the Biblical model of growth that works for real life change.
  • Develop a plan for continued personal and professional growth.